Macbeth, Merlin Theatre, Frome May 24th, 25th.

Delighted and thrilled to be playing Lady M in this innovative and exciting production featuring multi-media and physical theatre. Wonderful cast and so happy to work again with director Georgiana Neilson-Toy. The Merlin is a wonderful space to work in, a delight!

Merlin Theatre, Bath Road, Frome, Somerset. BA11 2HG.

Click here for link to the Merlin Theatre’s website to book, or call 01373 465949 (phone & fax).

Remembering Jack at Enniskillen

Well I am very late in writing up this post, in part because it is very emotional for me.

In August of 2015, Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival very kindly chose to honour my father’s work with Samuel Beckett and as part of that schedule, asked me to speak at the event. I was joined by Garech Browne of Claddagh Records, with whom my father recorded Beckett’s works on a number of occasions and with Kate O’Toole of the Irish Film Board chairing the discussion, we all spoke informally of our memories of both my father and of Sam. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Enniskillen, it is a fabulously friendly and welcoming festival, I’m quite sure Sam would have approved.

I want to share my thanks and gratitude to Liam Browne of the Happy Days Festival. I am touched to know that more than 40 years after his death, people still remember my father and his work.

Most of all, my thanks go to Stephen Rea, who contributed by video to our talk. His extraordinarily kind and generous tribute was deeply moving and I treasure it. Below is a short clip.

I would also like to thank Martin Melarkey and Conal Melarkey for their work on the video pieces shown on the day. Jack MacGowran Remembered is Conal’s compilation of some of Jack’s work. Helluva showreel. I would love to have one half as good one day!