Tara MacGowran, photographer Ori Jones. 2020

TARA MACGOWRAN has worked in television, film and theatre in the UK, Ireland and USA since appearing in ‘Children of the New Forest’ for the BBC at the age of 12. Appearing at The Great Lakes Shakespeare Theatre Festival in Cleveland, Ohio and The Attic Theatre, Detroit among others, before returning to London for her first major film appearance as Patience in ‘Secret Places’ for which she won the Bronze Mask at the Taormina Film Festival.
Having spent several years travelling, as a journalist and photographer, covering tournament chess with husband Michael Adams, Tara returned to acting in 2014.
Other film credits include: ‘The Dawning’, ‘Memoirs of a Survivor’ and ‘Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming’. Television includes: ‘Children of the New Forest’ (BBC) , ‘Miss Marple: Murder at the Vicarage’ (BBC), ‘Tropical Moon Over Dorking’ (Limehouse), ‘Murder in Eden’ (BBC) and ‘Spring Cleaning’ (RTE). Theatre includes: ‘Aristocrats’ – Hampstead Theatre, ‘Hinkemann’ and ‘Translations’. Upcoming film releases include: ‘Mummy Reborn’, ‘Pagan Warrior’ and ‘End Game’.
Most recently, Tara MacGowran appeared as Lady Macbeth in Macbeth at the Merlin Theatre, Frome and as Lady Macduff/Witch/Lord in Macbeth with Downpour Theatre Co.

Photo by Ori Jones, 2020